Monday, May 15, 2006

Let's hear it for Alek Boyd

Alek Boyd at Vcrisis is a rather controversial figure. For some he is a "golpista" for others a true freedom fighter, and for others like yours truly, a passionate (hot head?), infuriating at times, democrat that should measure his words. But we must all agree that when he sets his mind to something, he is quite effective.

Should I remind folks how he exposed Eva Golinger for the mediocre pseudo lawyer she is, probably speeding her departure to Venezuela from the states? Now residing in Venezuela she has become a new version of Tokyo Rose. *

Should I remind you how almost single handedly he exposed the murky financing of the VIO, the paid propagandist of Chavez in the US? This made it to Venezuela press by the way though Alek did not get the credit he deserved on that matter. But see, Alek does if for Venezuela and he does not care as long as intellectual crooks are exposed.

No wonder that the PSF pro Chavez crowd hate him with passion: Alek is effective in exposing their turpitude.

Alek did strike again today it seems. If my interview yesterday with a BBC sub radio was a side dish, as I wrote, it seems as expected the main course was today, and it was good portions. Apparently Red Ken, the mayor of London, revealed hismelf as the proto fascist he is by refusing entry to Alek and friends who attended invitation by Bob O'Neal, minority leader of the London council. It is to be noted that one of the frinds of Alek is a Venezuelan who has gained the status of POLITICAL REFUGEE of the Chavez regime in the UK while Ken Lingstone is entertaining Chavez as a human rights defender. The moral ambiguity, or immorality if you please, of some of these Chavez supporters will never cease to surprise me.

To crown the day, Alek informs us that he got several interviews on the BBC, facing nothing less than Tariq Ali who picks up any cause as long as he can trash Bush, regardless of the true interests of the people he uses in his personal vendetta. He also got a TV apperance.

I am impressed.

*Copy right Mora, even before becoming a writer at Publius Pundit or Babalu

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