Friday, July 21, 2006

Castro, Israel and Hezbollah

Now, with these three incendiary words I am sure to get lots of search engines hit.

But in fact there is a method in my madness. Today I am kind of busy but I feel I need to post my thoughts on the Lebanon debacle. I will do so fast.

But first the why "Castro" in the headline. Well, in fact my real post for the day was written last night as a letter of sorts for Val over at Babalu and he published it. I was describing to him, an always appreciative reader of Fidel Castro eternal B.S. to his silly crowds, the arrival of Castro in Argentina as reported through Alo Ciudadano last night. Let's call it the real post of the day.

As for Israel. Let's just say without getting into detail that I am on Israel's side. I cannot possibly be on the site of the Hezbollah. Never, and even less if the disgusting Iranian regime is behind the whole farce, amen of Syria wishes to reconquer Lebanon. For the Hezbollah, Syria and Iran the civilians of Lebanon are THE LEAST OF THEIR CONCERN. Yes, the death of civilians is exceedingly regreatabble, yes, Israel is going too far, yes, Palestinains deserve a state and reparations. But, does Israel really, and I mean really, has a choice out of evacuating their own country?

In case some one wonders how do I reach such quick and uncompromising opinion, I will suggest them to read for novelty recent pieces such as the one published by Fouad Ajami in the WSJ today. Let's just say that few people know more about Middle East issues than Mr. Ajami (who I recommend the books with equal fervor).

You think of Ajami as a boring academic loyal to suspicious interest? OK, so read these posts at Harry's place and then we can talk (here, here, here, here and here). This is how you report on such things in a serious blog. If you want to see how not to report on such issues, I suggest this pro Chavez vision. You may want to compare this with the anti Chavez view and draw your own conclusions.

This way of course, I am exempted of doing any further comment on this matter beyond stating my position. Call it a cop-out if you wish, but it is Friday...

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