Sunday, September 17, 2006

Does Chavez care about Darfur?

Thus it is raining heavily in my little corner of France, and besides eating delicious food there is nothing else to do but turn on TV and watch talk shows. The one that interested me this afternoon was on how to wake up Europe as to the Darfur tragedy. Apparently some in France are embarrassed that Hollywood, led by such luminaries as George Clooney, is well advanced on waking up international opinion on the Darfur genocide (yes, it looks that this word is about to apply). Somewhere along the line I was wondering whether Chavez knows about Darfur, a good opportunity for him to properly use the word genocide. After all, lately he was in Africa, more than once, visiting sub-Saharan countries. But learning about the arrival of Iranian president Ahmadinejerk in Venezuela and how diligently Chavez is courting Islamic extremism, I suspect that Chaevz could not care less about the Islamic power in Khartum massacring the rebellious distant province. I suppose also that the bimbo left that supports Chavez does not care much about the Darfur. There goes, once again, the ethics on that side.

The talk show being over I decided, since now it was rather late to go for a walk, to check El Universal, for the first time in almost two weeks. After all, it might be a good idea to prepare my re-immersion in the Venezuelan hellhole.

The first news was that Ahmadinejerk is visiting Venezuela. Apparently at the fake non aligned summit of Havanna Chavez has tried to convince the guys to vote for him for a UN security council. I am starting to suspect that the sudden support of some morally bankrupt countries is probably due to the fact that Venezuela in the UN will certainly not be the country sponsoring intervention in Darfur type of situations. And trust me on that one, too many countries have a lot to hide on human rights. But it could even get worse at the UN if Venezuela gets a seat: today Chaevz has simply decided that he will not recognize Calderon as Mexican president, preparing Mexico for a permanent break with Venezuela. Talk about non interference at the UN! Not to mention that Chavez has much worse electoral crimes to account for than Mexico. But then again ethics have long gone from the Venezuela folks in charge at Miraflores.

However one thing has to be said for Chavez UN quest: if he gets reelected Venezuela will look everyday more like on of those one party, for life president as many of the countries about to support Chavez, countries that try very hard to erase the word "democracy" from the everyday lingo. Roberto Guisti regales us with the perfect article on the unitarian follies of Chavez: the tropical march to totalitarianism.

But all this self confidence of Chavez seems a little bit hollow if you ask me. The historian in this blogger has seen too many bombastic leaders, bloating up before their final burst. Or as the saying goes: Dios ciega a los que quiere perder (the good lord blinds those he wants to lose). Indeed, poll wars have started. I have announced for a long time that polls are useless in Venezuela since 2004. The more that can be said of them is that they might show a trend. And the trend shown is on a continuous increase of Rosales and a relative weakening of Chavez. The electoral situation is definitely tightening and that is clearly seen in chavismo tactics (1). You doubt my words? Read on the latest aggression against the Rosales campaign! Besides the fascistic element that now characterizes most of chavista actions these days, anyone with half a brain knows full well that a political party that feels the winds helping it does not need to resort to such disgraceful tactics.

Definitely, if Chavez does not care about democracy and his people, he certainly will not care about Darfur. Shame on him! Then again, readers of this blog have long known that Chavez only cares about himself.

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PS: Well, Miguel did blew it. He caught the interview I had with the Evening Standard from London. Shows you that this blogger cannot even hide in France where he might be tracked by responsible journalists trying to call upon Ken Linvingston and Chavez unholy alliance.

1) Keller, my favorite pollster, has a study on focus group that is more worrisome for Chavez than any opinion poll: the political language is fast moving away of the discourse that Chavez wants to impose on the election.

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