Sunday, September 10, 2006

A post card

I am enjoying a little a short free week end in some corner of Europe. Maybe I should drop a hint to see if someone can guess.

This Sunday morning, the heathen blogger who subscribes these lines decided to go to church. Then again it was a richly decorated baroque church, including huge columns in surprising green or pink granite. There was also going to be music: a Haydn Mass played to accompany an actual mass. I love Haydn. Even if the mass is sung in Latin and the priest in German, I did manage to get into the gist of things, remembering enough of my “Notre Père” and even handing in my pocket change during collection. When all was done, as people left the church, some of the natives in traditional garb, a fabulous organ concert started that lasted for another 20 minutes. Enough to stir the soul as I took a few pictures of this wonderful church. Even the confessionals were so fabulous that one would want to sin just to enjoy kneeling on them for a reason.

When I left such an exquisitely civilized moment, I was thinking that it was not that I was away from Venezuela, for all that I knew, things are so strikingly different around here that I am probably in another planet.

Heck, to leave you I will post a picture where all political allusion should be banished. These Rosales are in a famous park, which contains the letter ö in its name. We must keep tending to our roses if we want them to bloom as these.

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