Monday, October 09, 2006

Chavez's rallies: at Coche, in Caracas

Chavez was holding a counter activity yesterday. After the success of Rosales on Saturday there had been rumors that he would not hold it. But then again they probably thought that not holding some activity would be even worse so they went ahead and held a "caravana" through Valle-Coche. This, after inaugurating a new Bolivarian High School, the renovated Liceo Andres Bello. From a friend that watched the inauguration because he works in education, the renovation included extensive redecoration with uncounted numbers of political posters, all pro revolution of course. Never too early to start brain wash. And all the attendees were wearing red except for Isturiz, always wearing a white guayabera.

The pictures on the right (click to enlarge) have been sent to me. The one on top is the ground view of the "caravana", as shown on VTV for more than one hour under the excuse of "news advance". The bottom picture seems to be from someone who had the good idea to take a shot from his-her apartment. I post it as received since I cannot check the origin or time or locale, but it seems taken from that moment anyway and nothing in the pic tells me it is not from the area: for what is the point addressed below it will be good enough anyway.

I will pass on the numbers count: such an activity will have less number than an grand rally and from the start it was designed as a "neighborhood activity". Still, it is useful to observe the manipulation made by VTV in favor of Chavez as usual, while the manipulation is made reverse against Rosales as Alek exposed clearly. Remember that VTV is supposed to be the "TV of all Venezuelans" and certainly it is paid at tax payer expense even though it is COMPLETELY at the service of the political needs of the regime.

Not, what is more interesting is to show the details, the qualities so to speak of the event. First let's start about Chavez on top of the platform. How distant! How Imperial! How Carnival Queen! Some wit said that the only thing left for Chavez is to start throwing candy from above.

The other observation is that all are in red. How spontaneous that can be? Compare to the multichromatic opposition events. Is this a telling sign of things to come when Venezuela becomes a one party state? When, Cuba style, we will all be summoned to “Er Supremo” speech in “tenue de rigueur”?

And last but not least, observe the scarcity of women. And in this one I see more than usual!!! There is one pro Chavez add circulating these days in the papers taken from an Anzoategui event where you cannot count much more than 5 women no matter how hard you look at! In this picture I could not go above 10. These chavista events are now more and more “men only” affairs, not to mention the goons surrounding Chavez at every step, goons, I was told, that are coming from Cuba, though of course they never give interviews nor get close to the press. Because indeed, if there was a VTV camera at Rosales event, NO PRIVATE MEDIA IS ALLOWED IN SUCH CHAVEZ EVENTS.

That is why I wrote above that it does not matter what the real attendance to yesterday event in Coche was: the feel you get there is what matters. And you get it from these pictures, with all the implications.

UPDATE: Tonight I had the great pleasure to see these pictures shown at Globovision. Not from my blog, but the ones I received this morning did make their way to Globovision. My pleasure of course is that readers of this blog have been made aware of Chavez dismal result yesterday HALF A DAY BEFORE those who rely on MSM. :)

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