Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Kennedy I never liked: Joe does Chavez

When I lived in the US I was considered by my friends a Liberal. For me the NYT, or the Globe for the year I lived in Boston. In fact that year in Massachusetts was special as it was the year of Tien an Men and I was in academia and I always have liked Ted. See, Ted, is a human politician, with frailties and mistakes, but principled in his politics. He has been always the poster boy that anyone could reach the Senate (with the help of a good bank account) and make a career out of it if you stick to your convictions, no matter which ones they are. Ask the Republicans who just lost Congress about the value of values. Even during the Republican Revolution Ted Kennedy had no problem been reelected in Massachusetts, even as Republicans did manage to get at least the Governor's mansion there...

But Joe Kennedy I never liked. In fact I always saw him as a scumbag, being a Liberal just to reach office. Until eventually he retired while his uncle kept going on strong. Says it all. I would vote for any Massachusetts Republican before I were to vote for Joe Kennedy. That is of course if I could vote in the US.

Thus I could only but be delighted as the Wall Street Journal publishes an editorial today savaging Joe Kennedy. The issue is of course the dirty Citgo deal, where two amoral characters, Joe and Hugo, met for their mutual benefit. If you ask me, they were too soft on Joe.

-The end-

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