Saturday, December 16, 2006

Straight from Chavez

by Alex Beech

On the creation of the Venezuelan Unitary Socialist Party, a new party which will “unify” all parties which support the government under one umbrella, including the president’s Fifth Republic Movement, Homeland for All, We Can, Electoral Movement of the People, the Communist Party, and several other regional and national organizations:

“Those parties which are established and that don’t want to join the Only Party [partido “unico”], I give them the freedom to follow their own path. Of course, they would have to leave the government…I’ve seen some go around saying that their party garnered such and such votes. Don’t fall into lies. Those votes went to Chavez, to the people. Let’s not divide the people. Let’s unify them more every day. One of the great dramas of Bolivar was division, which ended up killing him. For this new era, we need a new structure at the service of – not partisanship or sectors – but of the people and their path towards socialism…there’s no time to lose…We need all the currents of the Venezuelan left to join from below. From the start, we should be very strict regarding the moral theme and that depends on you [party leadership] because you know people. There can’t be thieves, corrupt people, irresponsable people, or drunks. The bad boys are out…The party must be born not with electoral ends, even though it will be a in condition to partake in electoral battles. It must transcend the electoral, and that’s why it’s good that it is born now. The socialist battalions… the socialist squads, must battle with ideas, with the socialist project, and for that, all of us must study a lot, read a lot, discuss, organize round tables…real leaders will be elected from the base. Enough with [being selected] with a finger. The finger is almost always mine.”

Concerning the Constitution:

“There’s absolutely no point in speaking about a Constituent Assembly. What must be imposed are some changes through reforms, which will serve to make deep modifications. A Constituent [Assembly] would only bring political instability.”

Chavez said he asked his cabinet members, including Vice President José Vicente Rangel and his brother Adan Chavez, to “give him the freedom to effect all the adjustments that he deems necessary to achieve major effeciency.”

Source: El Universal

-The End-

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