Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Washington Post on closing RCTV

Is Juan Forero slowly going the anti Chavez way? About time I would say. In today noteworthy article he takes a good look at Chavez order to close RCTV. Forero indicates quite clearly that chavismo has a massive media offensive that now dwarves whatever the opposition can offer, and that the chavista media is nothing but propaganda; while reporting the words from RCTV that chavista government officials are invited on the stages of RCTV talk show but rarely dare to show up. In other words Forero discovers the real censorship in Venezuela, now more than the self censorship of Colombia or Mexico. The only thing that was left for Forero is to ask chavistas what is it in RCTV that so many of them still watch it? Is chavista TV so lousy? Is their remote control on the fritz and they are forced to watch RCTV? Soon we can hope that Mr. Forero discovers irony and start writing really good and interesting articles on Chavez and what he does to Venezuela.

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