Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Give us our daily "Alo Presidente"!

We interrupt a series of very critical posts to inform the distinguished readership of this blog to let you know that Alo Presidente, the presidential talk show will now be shown everyday for 1:5 hours, between 8 PM and 9:30 PM. On Thursdays it will be on TV and radio, the rest of the week only on National Radio. We expect of course a regular "cadena" here and there. The Sunday show will be no more.

We can congratulate president Chavez for his final victory , reaching his life long goal: he has now his own daily talk show and he can force it on any broadcasting station as he pleases. Some guys at CNN or the BBC would kill for such an opportunity.

No word as to who will run the country while president Chavez is busy preparing his daily broadcasts. Some wits say that this new communicational strategy is due to all the problems looming in Venezuela, from a gas price hike to accentuated scarcity of some foodstuff. We reply to them that Chavez is only starting delivering the circus before he gets around to deliver the bread.

In Spanish here and English here.

Oh, and by the way, Tal Cual got fined 18 000 US dollars for putting Rosinés name on its front page in a very good and humoristic piece where Rosinés would have written a letter to her dad, Chavez. The judge who handed down this sentence has yet to rule, or even to receive a case against Chavez himself who uses his family for all sort of political activities including changing the country coat of arms because Rosinés told him so. Also no words on all those kids used at chavista political rallies screaming revolutionary consigns and obviously totally brain washed.

How low can a judge fall? Judge Holanda Dam has set a new low in Venezuelan judicial history. Expect good promotions for her as she tramples any norms of decency, ethics and morality to trample the freedom of expression to please Chavez. Tal Cual actually sorts of exculpate her by saying that Chavez is forcing his employees to do such biddings. Well, I am not so lenient, she could have recused herself or shown some dignity and create a scandal by refusing to submit. True, she would have lost her job but preserved her dignity. In today Venezuela dignity has no value it seems abnd peopel like judge Dam will be the one opening concentration camps soon enough.

And with this note, confirming already what this blog has been writing about for the past three days, we return to our normal posts, expecting at any time Holanda to send us summons instead of tulips.

-The end-

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