Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jesus is not chavista

Chavez has been saying a lot of nonsense lately. Well, he says a lot of nonsense all the time but since last December he has reached new heights... Among these was that Jesus is a socialist and that he would probably be chavista today. OR something to that effect who would make the ignorant masses conclude this inanity. Unfortunately Chavez ain't no Jesus, and he certainly does not hold Jesus courage, at least as we can see from the failure of the 1992 coup to hiding behind the laws he invented to eliminate political adversaries such as RCTV or Tal Cual. In fact, Chavez is a rather cowardly character, best observed in his only too rare press conferences where he loves to pounce on defenseless journalists. You may read the preceding two posts to familiarize yourself with Chavez courage or, rather, lack thereof.

Well, Weil of Tal Cual has this fabulous cartoon in the Monday edition, a cartoon that captures so well the hollowness of Chavez that it is breathtaking. The legend reads "If Jesus were a XXI century socialist" and the caption above Jesus says "I am the only one capable of directing this revolution... Peter, I think it would best for you to go to that cross". Indeed, if Jesus had chosen to send Peter to the cross, history of the world would be quite different.... Brilliant! Exactly what Chavez do with his followers, use them for dubious objectives or hide behind them.

-The end-

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