Saturday, February 17, 2007

The unraveling of Joe Kennedy

OK, so I am exaggerating, Joe Kennedy has stopped been any significant political player long ago. See, Joe Kennedy is the kind of Liberal that gives Liberals a bad name. His uncle, Ted Kennedy, for all his faults has always stayed clear on message, always kept to his constituency. Even if he is a Liberal’s Liberal, he still cavorts around, drinks, gambles with his life and eats red meat. Blue collars can relate. Even in the best Republican Years Ted is reelected with huge majorities. I like Ted even if he pushes the envelope a little bit too far on occasion. But Joe, well, he is history. I always disliked him, too much of a fake. He may have had the pedigree to be governor of Massachusetts. Now he is not even a Representative anymore. Why? Well, lack of core values, like of focus, like of consistency.

Look at his latest Citgo snafu and you will understand while the Kennedys seem to be waiting for a new generation to come back strong in politics.

Joe had the very bad idea to make a commercial for Citgo. Whatever possessed him would be very interesting to know. I mean, the guy got his cheap oil for his Massachusetts poor. He got to cavort with a few “notables” of the regime. But from there to do a Citgo commercial? I mean, does Joe read newspapers? Does he know what is going on in Venezuela? Has he not realized that Chavez is toxic for his image in the US?

Maybe he does not know that, but surely he should have known that Chavez would be manipulating him for the free oil he got. See, Chavez has that reverse Midas touch: he turns into crap anything he touches. When Joe accepted to be touched by Chavez, accepted plenty of money from him, accepted all sorts of endorsement, he should have known that Chavez would cash his chips eventually. Today I bet Joe is sorry he went to Maracaibo to pose sillyly on a Maracaibo oil rig. But Chavez does not care, he got his PR hit and he can now throw Joe to the dust bin where he throws all the people he has used through life, and trust me on that one, that garbage can is getting quite full.

Connie Mack, a Florida representative, a Republican “no iba a pelar ese boche” (was not going to miss such an opportunity). He saw the add and he questioned publicly Joe Kennedy. The whole story with the different letters they exchanged is here (I know, it is FOX, but at least all the links are in a single page). Se, Connie Mack has a few Venezuelan exiles in his constitutency, he must be more informed than Joe who probably thinks Ambassador Alvarez says the truth.

It is kind of fun to see two scions of old political families playing show politics, checking out which one of them will be the most hypocritical (after all Connie, is the Saud family any more palatable than Chavez?). But it is cute to read the ramblings of Joe Kennedy, even dodging an offer of political debate by Connie Mack. Says it all, says which one of them has the right political instincts and why one of them decided to leave politics before he made a fool of himself completely. Well, he did anyway: there is no way you can defend that Chavez deprives his poors to help Joe's poors. Or in other words, I would prefer to be a Joe Kennedy poor than a Hugo Chavez poor. Joe should have done better his homework.

The morality of this play is that whoever associates himself with Chavez will pay a high price for such an association. Chavez might sound like a blustering fool to people like Joe, but Chavez is way ahead of them on the game. See, Chavez has the street smart thuggery. Joe is too white bread. No competition there. The only immune ones are those who are as corrupt and as devoid of morals as Chavez. For example Fidel

I love it when Chavez pulls overseas the trash he pulls on us everyday. Serves them well.

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