Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You wanted to hit Chavez? Now it is your opportunity!

Have you been feeling blue about fascism growing in Venezuela?

Do you worry about communism taking away everything you or your friends have?

Are you sick and tired of Chavez never ending vulgarity and aggression?

Well, there is your chance to do something that will show how upset you are and how unfair you think Chavez is.

Yesterday I was reporting that Tal Cual, the Petkoff courageous small paper, was fined by a sold judge whose name will go down in infamy, Holanda Dam, for a humor article published in 2005. The fine was for a written violation while Chavez HIMSELF is guilty of the same crime at a much higher degree since he does it regularly live, on TV. But of course Holanda Dam is an employee of Chavez and she needs her paycheck (plus probably other goodies she might have or will receive). She is now our poster gal that justice is inexistent in Venezuela, that only the interests of Chavez prevail. Period.

So this is what you can do. Petkoff need 16 000 dollars to pay his fine and he is asking all of us to contribute. Note, I am sure he could find a few donors and dispatch the whole nasty business but he is making an open collect so that the government will see how much support Tal Cual has. It is important that Teodoro receives as much as possible small donations until not only he gets the needed 16 000 dollar, but more, much more, to help keep his paper alive. Remember in a time of self censorship in the press Tal Cual is about as independent as we can still get. Details of the story here.

Please, make your deposit at one of these two accounts (you can make international transfers but if you wish to contact me privately I might be able to help some, an offer reserved only to those who have written to me in the past, for obvious security reasons). And in Venezuela if you deposit in cash you might even be able to deposit under a false name! In case you are afraid that Tascon may start a Tal Cual list, that is. Yes, I am aware that depositing money under a false name might be a crime but then again Holanda and Hugo are criminals too… Not to mention that for small amounts the cashier might not even look at you (and you can always claim that you forgot your cedula! Ooops! Lo siento, regreso mas tarde!)

Make your check or deposit under the name "Editorial la Mosca Analfabeta, C.A." to either of these accounts

Banco Mercantil 0105-0021-47-1021517364

Banesco 0134-0184-59-1843042771

-The end-

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