Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to deal with chavismo: watch them recognize how worthless they are

There is always an enjoyable exercise when you watch chavistas deal with their responsibility and that is when they recognize publicly that Chavez is the boss and that they are nothing.

The case at hand today is Carlos Escarra. See, he belongs to that commission that is working in utter secrecy to decide what must be changed in the 1999 constitution (Amen! that the 1999 constitution was considered the most perfect ever!). If Venezuela were a democracy and if debate where considered as a positive thing, the commission discussions, the main themes, would be public knowledge. But the opposition is totally shut out; not even independent members have been invited to that committee (nor would any true independent accept to seat in such a committee under such conditions). And all is secret: no interviews, no agendas, only some chavistas discussing behind closed doors what will be eventually submitted to vote (Ah! That pesky democracy that requires at least a rigged vote!)

This Carlos Escarra has suffered under the shadow of his brother, one of the leaders of the 1999 write up and now solidly in the opposition to Chavez. Carlos has had to utter a lot of silly things, eat a lot of crow until finally Chavez allowed him to join the monochromatic assembly of 1999. But of all the silly sycophantic things he has ever said trying to climb the ladder none comes close to today's admission. I translate the tid bit kindly provided by Union Radio :
"at the end, the President will say what goes and what does not go to reform and that will be when the project will be open to public debate "

However Escarra recognized that for the time being the commission cannot present publicly any important aspect of the documents that will be submitted to the President. "This is a confidential step, we are consultants, the project belongs to the President".

I do not know where to start to discuss how this is so wrong... Here, at random, a few questions:

Only the president is allowed to have constitutional ideas?

Why must the project be discussed secretly and "submitted" to the president before anyone else can have a look?

The constitution belongs to the president? And if yes, why bother to vote on that?

The Assemblymen of that commission are only "consultants"? Why can't a blogger be one advisor?

Is the voice of the 37% that did not vote for Chavez officially shut up? Are we second rate citizens? Will the constitution ratify that?

Are the 62% who voted for Chavez really all in agreement with that? Are the ones that refuse to merge in a single party participating in the secret commission?

Is there a chavista left with an ounce of self respect?

The mind reels........

But let's at least give credit where credit is due: Escarra has publicly acknowledge that he is a spineless piece of slime, totally submitted to any fart coming from Chavez. We knew it but it is nice to hear it from his own words.

-The end-

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