Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11 commemoration, Chavez style

I was not going to write on the 5 year pause from the fateful April 2002. But Chavez is providing me with such a incredible moment that it would be a sin to pass on it. So there it is, the pictures form a cadena that just started!!!!

The first picture, the one that opened the show is of Chavez in front of a large crucifix in Miraflores. Notice that the crucifix is in Venezuelan folk tradition, dressed up and clean, not the Mater Dolorosa of a more European tradition. There is no need of course to comment on Chavez new found religious fervor. I am wondering when he will incorporate in his speech Martin Luther of Calvin. Cannot be far in the future. Maybe his entourage is too ignorant of reformation to use such icons yet...

Then he went in front of some of the icons of the room such as Urdaneta, stressing that he was the last president of the Gran Colombia. He was the second and last but who cares when the objective of the message is to attack those who were sabotaging Bolivar work, and by inference Chavez work. I am just putting the picture of Chavez in front of the giant Bolivar so you can see Chavez back, and his insignificance, under Bolivar whom he should be embarrassed of invoking grossly as he does. But Chavez is long gone past any restraint.

The cadena? Fine, thank you. Chavez started to narrate his "personal experience" on April 11 at night and quickly enough went on to rewrite history, in particular the extent of any US involvement in that situation. The way he goes, soon he will be describing the ferocious marines that went to Miraflores to take him away in the night. And you know what is worse, he might start believing it himself....

Ah! but I was forgetting the ominous line: "those that have never accepted my election AND will never do it". Neutral and air perhaps? Watch the context! It means "them or me, thus I will need to eliminate them", which is exactly what he is doing these days as he sets up the means he will dispose to force people like me to kneel or to leave or to end up in jail.

A question for the readership of this blog: which one will become first a national holiday: February 4 or April 13? I go for April 13, it will make a nice long holiday week when tied up with April 19 or Easter (or both!)...

PS: Chavez then passed the cadena to his "friends". So tonight the whole country must put up in every TV and radio station with the silly words of Cilia Flores which is one of the guests of this tasteless talk show whose only objective is to attack the opposition while the attacked opposition is the one who claims for justice for the murders of April 11. Fascism is on the march as of course nobody from the opposition will be allowed at VTV to explain their side of the story. Then again Chavez warned us a few minutes ago: he is in to eradicate the opposition in Venezuela, which ever that one is, from military coupsters to former allies such as PODEMOS. Totalitarianism is on the march, do not doubt it.

PS2: I was not planning on discussing April 2002 (again and again, I am getting tired of it). But I do understand that some folks can be new to this so there is in Spanish a recent summary of these days, causes and consequences. And there is also an interview in English that ghost blogger Arena did to Quico who was a journalist these days in Venezuela. That should be enough to catch up with reality, not the Chavez "april-landia".

PS3: It is 10:30 and Chavez is still going on. The guests were not going to have such amount of coverage.... He is blurting about some declassified files. I do not car, I am watching desperate housewives, very fitting for the circumstances.

PS4: It is 11. At some point Chavez had his Mom on. Now he is saying that the high oil price of today is due to him. That is why the US sent the CIA to oust him on 2002. The world turns around Chavez. It is clinical now. Desperate Housewives is over. I am going to bed. There is so much hubris I can deal with in a single day.

-The end-

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