Friday, April 13, 2007

The lies of Chavez: tampered evidence

Today I was not planning to write on Venezuela. These April 2002 celebrations (in Caracas they call it commemorations, in San Felipe what I saw were a few small groups of half drunk folks going around with a couple of trucks with loud loudspeakers, redundancy intended) are just too disgusting for words.

But this ad that appeared in the business section of EL Nacional (a hint of what is to come?) forces me out of this three day retirement. As I will explain below, this add has been tampered with. It pretends to represent the huge crowds that supposedly rescued Chavez in April 13 2002. In fact they are pictures of a chavista march POST April 2002 walking through Altamira square. The march might even be from late 2003 or even 2004 during the Recall Election campaign. Chavismo is getting so vile that it cannot even find a picture of their own, or tamper one good enough, to cover up their history rewriting. The amazing thing is that they thought they could get away with such a crass manipulation which anyone slightly observant would get. Click to enlarge. By the way, the objective of the add (paid for by the education ministry!) is to remind folks of the cartoons that were passed on that Saturday 13 by the networks while the Carmona folly was collapsing. Hence the RCTV logo pointed out by the arrow on the Mowgli Disney movie. But I will not get into that choice of cartoon nor the target, RCTV, which I have extensively covered in previous posts.

1) this slogan, "somos rio crecido" (we are a swollen river) did not exist in April 2002. I might be proven wrong, but I am willing to bet that it did not appear until mid 2003. What is that man doing with such a t-shirt on supposedly April 2002?

2) TWO, not one, TWO Venezuelan flags without the stars visible. In fact nowhere can you see a flag with the 7 starts that was de rigueur in 2002. The eight star flag came of use in 2006 so this makes me suspect that this picture might be FROM 2006!!!! And yet misleadingly the add would like us to believe that we are looking at a 2002 popular uprising picture. There is even a hat on the right where you see the 7 stars but the symmetry suggests that in fact there are 8 stars!

3) the name of the building in the background is Hotel Montserrat, a famous and very old hotel in Altamira square. There was NO chavista march in Altamira on April 13 2002. In fact I think there was no chavista march going through Altamira until late 2003.

4) lame allusion to the "revolution will not be televised". Probably the folks with whom they learned how to make fake documentaries. These Irish guys sure did a heck of a job in falsifying the April events, to the point of getting awards. Though lately there is not much herd from them as they have been discovered and the "film"only shows at pro Chavez gatherings....

5) and the date of the paper, just to make sure people know.

I apologize for the poor quality of the picture but I took it directly from the paper as for some reason I cannot access my El Nacional subscription. But I will replace it as soon as possible.

So there you go, how crass can you get in falsifying things? If they can be so crass with such elemental things, what can we expect from the economical numbers such as unemployment or oil production?

PS: I got the Nacional original and it gets better! Click to enlarge.

5) review. In fact in one of the two flags we can see the shade of the stars and it is difficult to see if it is 7 or 8 stars. However the other flag seems tampered when we look at the pixelation fo the image. But what can we say considering that we get a web form a page from a picture...

6) However we get compensations because we can see an add against Bush, something rather rare in the pre April or April 2002 era.

7) We get to see the contrast of the flags in the logo. But the "black flag" has 7 stars and the colorful ones are with 8 stars. so they are aware of the star numbers :)

-The end-

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