Friday, May 18, 2007

Forced TV propaganda from Chavez

Free RCTV: Say No to Censorship!

Apparently tonight, at 9 PM, all private channels WILL BE FORCED TO PASS AN OFFICIAL ADVERTISEMENT (PROPAGANDA FROM THE CHAVEZ GOVERNMENT) AGAINST RCTV. In other words, the state will abuse its power to force EVEN RCTV to pass a 10 minutes advertisement where the government insults RCTV so as to justify its closing.

I am not too sure of the exact details but I decided to go ahead and post this as a warning in case some folks might want to watch TV tonight. In fact it is possible that the government will balk down. For example it was wanting to use a famous tune "Todo tiene su final" (everything has an ending) but the authors apparently have not authorized the use of that song (and even less for such a despicable fascist action). Globovision explains some of it here.

To be continued, and hoping that this post is a false alert.

Update: it is 9:20- Globovison has not shown the add though it started its 9 PM newscast with the reading of three long letters exchanged between parties. I have not seen the other networks so I do not know whether they played the add or not, but Globo did nto do it and apparently there is some big legal problem. Is Globovision defying the state openly? Might as well. After all, once RCTV is out, the government will turn its guns toward Globovision, the only non governmental controlled network in Venezuela after that day.

PS: the government has dispatched around the word a lot of the national assembly representatives, including Desiree Santos Amaral who did a rather pathetic presentation to CNN tonight with arguments that ineffable Viotto could have torn down if he were a quarter as smart as he thinks he is. thus, when one puts these things together, one starts perceiving the amplitude of the public image disaster that the closing of RCTV is looking for the government. An administration, sure of its rights, does not need to force despicable advertisement or dispatch in a rush its personnel to European capitals and the US. Did they not want to break up with the North, by the way? Who gets these chavistas?

-The end-

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