Sunday, May 06, 2007

French elections are worldwide elections!

I though that I should point out that the French presidential elections are perhaps the only example of a true world wide election. In fact there are French people voting in possibly all the time zones! Call it the inheritance of a colonial past and that French do not vote by mail so they must go to their embassy to vote, but the French have started voting Saturday and will keep voting today until 8PM Paris time.

I cannot think of any other country who has as many of its citizens voting outside of its mainland area than France. Besides the embassy votes, Saturday there was actual French voting in North America -Saint Pierre et Miquelon, Canada off shore-; in the Caribbean -Guadeloupe and Martinique-; In South America -French Guiana-; In Oceania -Tahiti and its extensive archipelago, New Caledonia-; in Africa -Mayotte and Reunion islands-; only Asia has embassy only voting.

Actually I think I should register to vote in Saint Barts (a French Island, YES!) by buying a mansion there and going the week end to vote. Not even a two hour flight, you know! Now, where did I leave that winning lottery ticket....
-The end-

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