Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Guess what? Cadena!

You have got to love it, with the country having shown a clear dislike of the RCTV closing, after a day of students protest, what does Chavez do? Throw a cadena to insult everyone. Well, the insults are not necessarily direct: for example he says "some say that they are students. I am not going to question that. Let's say they are students" but if to these already shitty words you add the grimace and the tone, well, you see yet again a shoot the messenger strategy. Chavistas and Chavez are never going to wonder why is it that these students hit the streets yesterday: they are all paid by Bush.

Of course, Chavez much prefers the students from the UBV, who all come to cheer him up in good order, with the same shirts all of them and the same cassette in their brain.

but I love it, as the world keeps is eye on Venezuela the international media will eb able to see live a cadena and all what it means for us as far as abuse of power, news manipulation, and insults to people who have no reply right nor any court where to seek redress from the defaming words of Chavez and his lackeys.

-The end-

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