Saturday, May 26, 2007

Those exquisite revolutionary moments: chavista cowards

And when you thought that it was enough for a single day, well, you could not be any more wrong. We have just been treated live, on Globovision, to the aggression of a chavista group on motorbikes from the Caracas Town hall. These misguided souls, half of them masked (to protect themselves from whom?) started insulting Globovision staff, and painting graffiti on all the walls, including the walls of the neighbors.

But low and behold, the Globovision staff, including its director, in a show of stunning courage in front of these people obviously deranged and probably armed, went out and confronted the assailants. Globovision offered them its cameras to state whatever they wanted to say. One of them eventually said a few words, with the usual endless repetitive and boring one liners. But he quickly faded away, preferring to join his brethren in shouting insults from their motorbikes, behind the anonymity of a bandanna.

The camera of Globovision caught a motorbike a little bit behind, with a couple (the woman with a bandanna on her face) who was observing and obviously reporting on cel phone. The leaders? The link to Mayor Barreto? Who knows, but it was the usual operating procedures for these kind of organized aggressions, a bunch of wild guys while from the back someone decides through a cel phone what should be done. I have seen it myself happen in San Felipe two years ago when they were to unseat Lapi as governor of Yaracuy: from an expensive car someone, nattily dressed, on a cell phone was directing a group of people looking very "lumpen proletariat" for the occasion.

You know something? Tonight I was reminded of a chimpanzee documentary on animal Planet. Ravell used better words than mine: he asked Chacon and Rodriguez to tie up their weirdos, "amarren sus locos". Because obviously the country is going down the drain and something must be done. Ravell also used the occasion to castigate the other networks who are keeping a guilty ans accomplice silence as RCTV is shut down and Globovison is increasingly under attack.

But when we saw the quick withdrawal of the assailants, you know where the real courage was, with the Globovision staff who came out to face their doom. The chavistas on expensive bikes, and also with expensive cars by the way, were just a bunch of cowards, just as their inspiration who has been reported to have shit his pants a certain February night of 1992.

PS: as i was typing this X post of the day, I was listening to Globovision nightly news anchor interviewing Juan Barreto, the mayor at large of Caracas. I am not too sure what to think. The most charitable thing I can say is that he did not know of this and in fact he might be losing control of his storm troopers. He seemed a little upset. Because he got caught? Because he is losing control? who knows, but at least in spite of some of the usual empty rhetoric he seemed to have a genuine concern in his voice, although what the concern is for is anyone's guess. For myself, I woudl not trust Barreto even with my "batea".

-The end-

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