Saturday, May 26, 2007

Those exquisite revolutionary moments: expedient revolutionary justice or highway robbery?

Oh dear! Those moments succeed each other faster than what I can type.

As I am watching Marcel Granier extraordinary poise on Alo Ciudadano, the talk show host receives a communique just published on the web page of the high court of Venezuela, TSJ. This decision, signed by the head of the judicial power of Venezuela, Luisa Estela Morales, announces that CONATEL has the right to use as needed all the transmission equipments of RCTV. Not an outright expropriation, but basically one since CONATEL can give these equipment to the new TeVes, while eventually some sale negotiation takes place between the government and RCTV. Exactly as if your neighbor were suddenly allowed to use your car in some lawsuit matter before that lawsuit is completely settled in court.

In a way there is nothing that surprising in it: we were expecting some argument to that effect, a forced sale as we saw recently for the Electricidad de Caracas or CANTV or the oil fields of the Orinoco belt.

No, what is astounding is that the TSJ has replied to an unknown judicial petition deposed YESTERDAY in front of the TSJ. YESTERDAY.... meanwhile on the dockets of the TSJ of Venezuela there are dozens and dozens of HUMAN RIGHTS CASES that are not decided, that are not examined, and that since months if not years. But when the government interests are concerned, in 24 hours, Luisa obliges. Luisa, the new harlot of Chavez? Now, is anyone going to come here to try to demonstrate to me, to the readers of this blog that there is a separation of powers in Venezuela? No, this is totalitarianism already in action.

What we have just witnessed almost live on TV is highway robbery by the government with the judge and the police helping.

Added later: the link to the info in Globovision. El Universal also takes it up already.

-The end-

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