Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Time to do something about RCTV

In barely three weeks the Chavez autocracy will be closing RCTV.

Free RCTV: Say No to Censorship!

Now, this is not the time to discuss the broadcast content, it is lousy in all of Venezuela networks, worse in the state owned network for that matter. No, the REAL REASON why RCTV must be supported is because it is THE ONLY INDEPENDENT NETWORK that reaches through open signal almost any corner in Venezuela. That is, once RCTV is closed the only people that will get news that show the reality of the misery of the Bolivarian pseudo-revolution will be some areas that get open signal of Globovision. Thus in about half of the country you will get independent news only through cable TV, if you can afford it. And in a large section of the other half you will get lousy signal for Globovision as it is not allowed to increase its reach and strength.

If RCTV closes for all practical purposes Chavez will have managed to control the large majority of the air borne media, either by direct control and continuous propaganda in the state TV, or effective neutering of the remaining private networks such as Venevision which is now all but actively supporting the regime.

So, if you believe that there is a need to maintain at least one nation wide open signal in Venezuela that will allow the people to express their complaints, then you need to support RCTV. In the weeks remaining watch Globovision or RCTV and observe how often people say that they are chavistas but when they want to complain about deficient public services they never find a camera from the state system to record their complaints, that only Globovision and RCTV show up. Think about what these people will do once the microphones of RCTV are closed.

Visit the RCTV resistance site and take action here.

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