Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fiasco at the chavista march?

I was on the road today so I cannot evaluate quite well how the chavista march went on. However I saw two things:

1) before leaving home I noticed on TV that the image coming from VTV at the height of Chacao showed plenty of red shirts BUT THEY WERE NOT MARCHING. That means, they had stopped the march for a while to let laggards fill up the blanks and give the illusion that there were a lot of people. Can someone confirm? That would be crass because they are trying to deliberately compare their march with the one supporting RCTV two weeks ago. Lame, so lame....

2) I did not see many buses parked around La Bandera, nor on the road for that matter. So maybe it is an excellent sign, or rather as I speculated yesterday that the chavista march was called too fast, as an emergency, and they did not have time to hire and fill up enough buses to come from the inside the country.

The answer anyway comes from the photo montage of Globovision, comparing their take and the ones from VTV, the state propaganda voice. We will see if the government dares to counter those pictures. But does it matter? Chavez already announced that TV concessions could be revoked before time. Gee, I wonder who does he have in mind..... anyway Huguito, look at what happen when you closed RCTV. Go ahead, make our day and close Globovision, we will thank you for ever.

PS: note added Sunday. There were buses. TV showed plenty of buses but they were not parked in La Bandera as they are often parked. This time they were around the Libertador. I suppose that there were less buses than usual so they could park closer to the marchers. Or as a wit said, more buses than marchers. Thus it makes the march even more pathetic.

It seems that it might have been one of the worst chavista marches! Chavez still spoke, but there was a time that for such a small group he would not have shown up.....

-The end-

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