Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chavistas are all the same: the IACHR fires its Venezuelan director

[Updated, twice, including blogger scrambling of the text!!! For some reason blogger put up an early rough draft!!!]

The juicy bit of news today was the firing from the board of Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the Venezuelan representative, Freddy Gutierrez Trejo.

These things happen, you know, but what does not happen is that the decision of the rest of the board was apparently unanimous and that the language was not diplomatic at all: Gutierrez Trejo was simply accused to be a liar. We can deduce that the board has lost any confidence in his work and discretion. In other words, the board who works on very critical cases could not trust Gutierrez in the very minimum discretion and diplomacy that some cases require.
Gutierrez was accused also of having "abused repeatedly of his position as Rapporteur to attack the institutional integrity and impartiality of IACHR and its members, and give false testimony on pending matters and cases before the Commission."

Gutierrez, of course, in true chavivictim, sucks, repeats that IACHR has a hidden agenda, etc, etc... I am sure that if I listened carefully in true fashion he must have claimed that the IACHR was trying to silence him, that he is for full disclosure, full transparency. He also said that he does never reject a journalistic interview where he says the real truth. From seeing him on TV I guess that at least that last part was true. He does seem to relish a camera, in particular if it comes from a Chavez media. But of course, he is chavista and the IACHR has been criticizing Venezuela quite a lot since Chavez has been busy at work ensuring his power until kingdom comes. So I suppose he genuinely think he was doing his job and a great performance at that. Just like Barreto at the Estadio Olimpico.

They are all the same, Rodriguez, Barreto, Gutierrez, etc... There must be some special school for such guys. Sometimes I catch myself missing good old Jose Vicente who at least was good with his histrionics and did not even try to hide his cynicism.

Update: the resolution of the IACHR is up on their web site. the words "has made false statements" are there for all to read.

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