Monday, July 23, 2007

It is all about Chavez

One wonders how much of Chavez speeches are simple craziness or absurd provocation. As I was shutting up for the day I decided to read today's news in El Universal updates. I was not disappointed by the return on the air of Alo Presidente: Chavez came back with a vengeance. Obviously repressing his big mouth for a few weeks during the Copa games was too much to endure. Poor guy! How many Valiums must have he swallowed!? In a way it is a nice complement to the long article on his censorship plans I just posted so I will write a quick summary. In no particular order.

Reelection only for Chavez. So it is official, Chavez has said that in the constitutional electoral reform is only for the president.

The president is the only guy who can get reelected in vita aeternam. Mayors and governors can forget it, can forget about becoming some local potentates. The only potentate in Venezuela is the president who is of course Chavez. Some reform! Now, I knew he was a megalomaniac but I never thought he would be so blunt about it. Stupefying!

Foreigners cannot criticize Venezuela/Chavez anymore. any foreigner that comes to Venezuela to criticize Chavez should be deported, replied to, shut up, whatever. But of course Chavez can keep going to New York or La Plata to insult Bush. Or he can insult the Brazilian or Chilean senates from Caracas. That is OK, he is Chavez. Megalomania maximus!

Caracas will become again a Federal district subjected to the presidency. In the so called reform it is normal that Caracas loses again its autonomy. And to add to the craziness he complained that Chacao did not look good, that it was not the same as in the time of Irene Saez! One wonders if the recent strike of the garbage collectors of Chacao was not a plan to allow Chavez to say that!!! I cannot wait for Chacao to get a chavista gauleiter and see the buhoneros invade the sidewalks. Then it would look good, like the rest of garbagy Caracas under chavista administration. Chacao is about to experience the reverse Midas touch of chavismo: all that it manages turns to crap.

Ideology, ideology and more ideology. So it is confirmed, more ideology everywhere, at school, in barracks, etc... Patria, socialismo o muerte everywhere. Our chance to revive Germany circa 1936. Or is it the Malecon of Havana with Castro? Sometimes I get confused....

-The end-

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