Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Latin American Idol

Tonight as expected Chavez is on cadena, from the bully pulpit of the National Assembly (ah! these pretense of democracy, you gotta love them), trying to convince us that he must be allowed to run and run for reelection as long as he needs to. I barely overheard something about the empire being bad for us, which I am sure means that Chavez is the only one capable of stopping the evil empire.

But I was tired, I reached home at 8 PM after 4 days away of San Felipe and I just could not stomach yet another obscenely hypocritical cadena. Surfing Direct TV with a great sandwich on my lap I stumbled on Latin American Idol. Those kind of young wanna-be idols were definitely the ticket tonight. Besides I am pretty sure that at least a couple of them will bring more pleasure to their audiences across the continent than the Latin American wanna-be Supremo expectorating over and over again all of his phantasms.

In case any one cares, I liked a certain Saul. Next time I will send him a text message to support him....

[Update] It is 11:30. Before going to bed I surfed the news on the Peruvian Earthquake (note: only people with Internet and Cable TV know about the Peruvian Earthquake, as everyone else is stuck with the cadena and cannot be told what else is happening in the world). I see that at 11:30 our Latin American Supremo Idol is still going at it, still emptying his anger at the world. He has been talking since sometime time before 8 PM. Some of his proposals are simply grotesque. Bruni has already the perfect summary... The guy is certifiable.

-The end-

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