Thursday, October 25, 2007

Adding insult to injury: the luxurious ways of the SENIAT

As if the new constitution was not bad enough....

I just received these pictures from "S.C."

They are taken from the parking lot of the SENIAT, the Venezuelan tax agency (IRS) which also doubles as an additional repressive branch of the government. Any business of opposition folks that displeases in any way El Supremo or the sycophants that surround him is promptly audited on the flimsiest of excuse (we are going to get a lot more of that with the new constitution since we will not even be allowed to complain).

Caracas traffic has forced the apparition of a new cast of road warriors, the feared "motorizado" as mail and other services are woefully deficient. Even small business must manage manage to hire part time one of these couriers which are the plague of Caracas streets, and sidewalks. And woe is you if your business requires regular downtown visits and frequent banks errands: you will need a full time "motorizado". The SENIAT does not escape that need. However at tax payer expense the SENIAT "motorizados" do get BMW bikes, something that no other normal "motorizado" can dream to afford as they must settle for cheaper Yamaha or even much cheaper (and lousy I understand) Chinese bikes called Jaguar.

Some revolutionary "motorizados" are more equal than other....

-The end-

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