Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The post mortems are starting: 2, TWO, from the WSJ and one from Aporrea "sin desperdicio"

In some karmic meeting my mail box brought me this morning three articles, two from the Wall Street Journal and one from Aporrea, courtesy Bruni. I am too busy to discuss them now so here next, the snippet comment.

The evocative "Venezuela rain on Hugo" is the first offering of the WSJ. A lucid account and measure of its impact over Venezuela and the rest of LatAm. Those who think Chavez is done and gone would do good to read this sobering editorial. Who also reminds the US of its duty in this situation, namely vote FTA with Colombia and Peru as the best strategy against the Chavez of the world.

In the "Allure of Tyranny" Bret Stephens wonders why "Russians voted away their freedoms, and Venezuelans almost did". Not to be missed.

Finally, one of the best post mortems come in Spanish via Aporrea where Hans Dietrich, soon to become an ex ideologue of the regime as this article risks more to send him to hell than heaven, dissects the reason of Sunday loss as viewed from the pro Chavez with a brain side.

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