Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sarkozy receives Qaddafy

France receives today Muammar Qaddafi for a state visit. Again, I must revisit a prophetic post of mine:
She also seems to be the more principled candidate of the lot. She has said that she will be willing to increase pressure on Iran and on states that do not respect Human Rights adequately, going as far as letting her name associated to a possible Beijing Olympic boycott if China refuses to put pressure on Sudan over the disgrace of Darfur. If one candidate of the lot might be able to resist some of the indecent pressures of Total like companies she might be the one.
Indeed, Sarkozy has shown to be someone ready to do anything for a fat check for French goods offer. Not that it is necessarily bad, the French state needs to pay for its huge welfare benefits, but some counties manage to do so without being as cynically flashy. But today even his glamor minister, Rama Yade, could not help herself criticize that visit. The Guardian note failed to reassure me on Sarkozy commitment on human rights.

I did not know I would miss Segolene Royal so much by now. Only the socialists in France these days speak against creeps as Qaddafy or Chavez or Poutine or..... Even the lefties are on occasion in bed with Sarkozy on these things. Revolting.

-The end-

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