Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chavez and the FARC ignoble blackmail

Weil strikes again today, with a cartoon describing perfectly the ignoble blackmail tha the FARC and Chavez are doing to Colombia "either you stop calling us terrorists or else"

Meanwhile, reminding us of the grandiloquent reality of Venezuela Tal Cual carries this delighful blurb that gives a new meaning to "Potemkin village"

The Ministry of Education through the Foundation Bolivarian Computing and Telematics (Fundabit) achieved last year the digital linking of a total of 342 schools nationwide as part of a strategic agreement signed with the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology and the company CANTV. The objective of this project is to interconnect 30 thousand Bolivarian schools in six years, using the machinery of the CBIT (Bolivarian Computing Centers and Telematics), which has 21 computers and Internet service at each campus. However, this altruistic initiative faces two problems: first, that until 2006 there were only 4 thousand 746 Boliviarian schools and of the 1,020 that were intended to be opened in the 2007-2008 school year, only around 20% did open. Second, throughout the country, the total number of educational institutions (whether or not Boliviarian) barely exceeds approximately 23 thousand schools, which would require to build almost 7 thousand schools and "bolivarianizarlas" to meet the ambitious goal.

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