Friday, February 01, 2008

Chavez little toy armies

I am busy these days, but fortunately after Miguel excellent find on Facebok now there is another post to highlight from Gustavo Coronel's blog.

A few days ago Chavez decided out of the blue to create an ALBA army. ALBA, for those who are late in the game, is a collection of countries who depend on Chavez check book to make ends meet. Namely Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua and for some strange reason Dominica with Ecuador as its main observer. See, Ecuador does not need as much a stipend from Chavez, drawn out form Venezuelan tax payer of course for the sole glory of Chavez egomania. Besides Correa is the more educated of that sad assortment and has a healthy ego on his very own. Chavez is finding out to his chagrin that Correa not only does not respond as a lap dog but could become himself a rival of sorts someday.

At any rate, the ALBA army proposal fell like a bomb as only the most dependent and gutless character of the lot, Nicaragua's Ortega, sort of entertained it seriously. But that is not the reason of this post, that was just the background to fully understand the piece of Gustavo who makes a strong case as to why the OAS should ban Venezuela or Venezuela at least have the decency to leave the OAS. Well, I mean Chavez foreign policy since it is not Venezuela foreign policy, it is solely Chavez fart of the day.

-The end-

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