Friday, February 22, 2008

Chavez opposes Kosovo independence

Again showing the perfect flair to butt into matters that are not his business, Chavez himself said that he opposes Kosovo independence. Not that he disapproves of it, he opposes it (1). Nowhere around to be seen a foreign minister to say such stupidity and take the brunt of the reaction. No, Chavez himself offers himself to ridicule to the whole world. He actually aggravates his case by saying all sorts of inane comments about Kosovo and Serbia, putting this just as a local matter that should not lead to any division. Clearly the man has no idea of Kosovo historical situation and links to its extremely complicated past.

And guess what? Chavez thinks it is natural that he opposes it along with China (Tibet oppression anyone?) and Russia (does Chechnya ring a bell?). He even does not understand how come France or Germany could recognize Kosovo. Though he offers the explanation that the US is of course behind it all, indirectly giving Bush superpowers since the man who already spends sleepless nights over Venezuela still manages to find time for Iraq and Kosovo.

And he says all of that without laughing, him the man who supports the FARC narco-insurrection or the Sunni bombs in Iraq. Of course the tiny FARC minority, and the relative Sunni minority are all Kosher whereas the 90% Albano-Muslim Kosovo majority has no right to self determination whatsoever. That even as his alleged Muslim allies inside OPEC look favorably upon a Kosovo independence.

Thus in a single moment we get put together Chavez general ignorance and silliness with his reactionary and prejudiced outlook of life. Then again these things usually come together.

However, before he starts suffering the consequences of yet another crazy and useless declarations he gets to enjoy tonight the sight of a US embassy burning down in Belgrade. No wonder French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner had no qualms been seen with Uribe today whereas his Caracas visit yesterday was, well, much more discrete.

1) I put up the English translation where they "diplomatically" say that Venezuela does not recognize it. Globovision link in Spanish is more direct on that. But the Spanish version of El Universal includes the soundtrack of Chavez himself. Worth listening it if you understand Spanish.

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