Friday, February 29, 2008

The nice FARC vacation resort

Right now I am typing live the hostage press conference. Gloria Polanco starts. She tells us how she learned while an hostage how her husband was assassinated and how the only comfort she could get was from her co hostages, the men all chained at night. Lovely....

That is right, while a hostage her husband was assassinated by the FARC and her three children became for all practical purpose orphans. Of course she is thanking Chavez and Piedad. Heck, were I in her shoes I would even thank the Devil!

The second one is Luis Eladio Perez. He starts with the exact accounting of his captivity and calls that a crime agaisnt humanity. Then he goes on thanking whomever he needed thanking. Chavez is only one of a long list. He mentions the 3,500 remaining hostages left. That is right, that is the number he told us. And he called the FARC a fictitious revolution. Nice.

Orlando Beltran tells us on the vacuous arguments advanced to them by the FARC after they had been taken. He is otherwise a little bit more concerned about flattering Chavez. Then he moves on to some description of the Colombian conflict. He diplomatically sorts of put more blame on Pastrana than Uribe so as to encourage Uribe to be more flexible. Smart!

Jorge Gechem is last. He seems the most beaten up of the lot. He is also the older one. And he is the one that preferred to laud Cordoba and Chaevz rather than speak of himself. Still, he also notes that he used to be the president of the Senate commission on the Peace Process, that he was all for dialogue and union and what not and yet the FARC took him in for 6 years anyway. Thus pays the devil....

Anyway, again the FARC comes out of this conference as the rotten evil they are.

-The end-

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