Sunday, February 10, 2008

NOT fooling all the people all of the time: Chavez retreats

There was today a lovely article by Simon Romero of the New York Times. As the paper correspondent based in Caracas it seems that he is having problems to find some food items too. This sympathetic article is perfectly in tune with the mood of the times, that fin de règne atmosphere that is slowly covering all of us since December 2. A must read, an article that in addition confirms exactly all that this blogger has been writing over the last few months. Thus either he is on the NYT payroll or perhaps Mr. Romero in Caracas is experiencing the same thing that we folks experience all across the country.

And do not miss the scandalous picture for the cover: it was taken in Tachira a few days ago when the army had to control large mobs eager to find food, any food. See, the Colombian border is the most affected by food shortages since Venezuela all but broke relations with Colombia. Curiously, such throngs of people seeking food are not seen on the Colombian side. Gee, I wonder why.....

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