Sunday, February 17, 2008

The unanimity against Tascon: Stalinism in Venezuela

Tachira representative Luis Tascon has been expelled from the PSUV (1). The vote was unanimous, according to Jorge Rodriguez, ex-director of the CNE, who knows very well how elections are rigged to get the vote result you need. What is important here is not that Tascon was booted out, but the adjective attached to the action: unanimous.

I will start my comment on this with my own feelings. I do not care. See, Tascon is such an abject character that any serious court of law would have condemned him long ago to at least life term in jail. If you forgot the personage, he is the one who in 2003-2004 invented his famous list of people who signed that Recall Election petition, transforming more than 3 million people in second class citizens. The signatories of the "Lista Tascon" are denied any help from or any work with the government, and for a time even passports and official documents. They will retain that status as long as Chavez rules, and the list will be a convenient directory when future Gulags need guests. All details are amply documented on the right side of this page where you will find all the links needed to understand the evil associated with that scoundrel. Tascon has been spreading such evil for such a long time that I am now unable to experience any joy at his misfortune (?), just relief that one less flea will be sucking my blood.

Why is Tascon booted from the PSUV? He had the lack of sense of accusing the brother of the currently main Chavez supporter Diosdado Cabello of some suspicious expenses during his tenure at the equipment ministry. I do not care, they are all (very likely) stealing all what they can from public coffers, probably thinking that it is a small price to pay to have to sit through the never ending Chavez homilies and insults thrown at them. If Jose David Cabello is innocent of any wrongdoing in the case presented by Tascon, I will put my hand on fire that he has stolen money elsewhere.

Not even the accusation by Cabello that Microsoft put a chip in Tascon blood stream to make him a US agent deserved a mention in this blog. After all, since Carreño said that Direct TV was spying on us through an invisible camera placed in the decoder, nothing else will impress me: these people live constantly in the middle of conspiracy theories and their mutterings on these only reflect their paranoia, and their guilt about the mess they are presiding over.

But today news deserve mention in this blog and everywhere. First, the interesting detail. Why is Diosdado Cabello defending his brother and why are we not seeing this one defending himself? After all, he is a minister and we would hope him to sue Tascon for calumny. But he is not doing so, he is silent and his brother is the one coming forward. Interesting, no?

But more meaningful is that "unanimous" vote. I bet you it was also taken with raised hands as all tried to reach as high as possible, least they would be suspected of any collusion with Tascon daring to inquire on where the money goes (even though he seems to have become quite prosperous himself under the revolution).

With that vote we know that the not quite born PSUV is already another old Stalinist party.

1) The PSUV is the Unique Socialist Party that Chavez has been trying to establish since December 2006. The attempt at forcibly have all of his supporters join has had very counter productive effects such as the break with PODEMOS.

-The end-

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