Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why I like the US primary system

It is super Tuesday up North. This blog is not about US politics (though I know them, I have my opinions and my favorites).

However as the Venezuelan opposition is considering the wisdom of primaries, I cannot resist to point out the Massachusetts results of tonight. Clinton won, and at ease with 56% at this writing. And yet, the Kennedys made a big endorsement show of Obama. And yet the governor of the state and Kerry endorsed Obama. It seems that people know better than following silly endorsements.

We can just hope that Chavez "endorsements" are going to be moot points next November, as well as endorsements form "ancien regime" politicians in the opposition camp. We can hope that Venezuelans will vote for the one most likely to pick up the garbage efficiently rather than the one who wants to prepare the state against a US invasion. There are hints that this might be the case which would explain some of the unease of Chavez and of some oppo leaders. The Venezuelan opposition (and chavismo) should not be afraid of primaries (if well organized which is an entirely different subject). After all Obama is winning every caucus today so far and even some primaries such as Georgia and Alabama. The evenness of tonight result and the civility between Clinton and Obama at their last debate should not only allay fears but be an example to follow for the opposition if they want to trash chavismo in November local elections. Right now they are poised to take more than half the states for about 2/3 of the country population. It is for the opposition to lose.

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