Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Putting a full stop to some of the B.S. of Chavez and Correa over the bombing of the Reyes FARC camp

[Updated! Comes with Uranium!]

Raul Tortolero, a Mexican investigative journalist of a certain renown, has written a technical account of some of the "intriguing" facts of the bombing of the Reyes camp. For example, Chavez, scared shitless of the Reyes computer, is trying to promote the thesis that if Reyes was killed he certainly could not be survived by his computer. People like me, scientists by trade, know very well that if the bulk of Reyes body survived then there is a very good chance that the hard drive of his lap top could also make it. True, the screen might be shot and the PC useless but a hard drive is quite a solid little thing. However when Chavez or Correa speak on these matters they are not speaking to people like me but to the ignorant masses that still follow them on faith.

Of course, what is really going on here is that there are all sorts of people, including Insulza of the OAS, that are probably very afraid of all that can get out of the diverse FARC lap tops captured by the Colombian army these days. So anything is good enough to discredit that evidence, unheard. Classical.

The Tortolero article, translated here in English, is a must read to get up to date in anti guerilla warfare techniques, but also to discover how implanted in Ecuador the FARC Reyes camp was. Very enlightening wen one wonders what were doing there the Mexicans that got killed and who were the buzz of Mexican papers while I was there a few days ago. The ramifications of the FARC and the complicities it benefited from go much deeper than many a head of state must have suspected. Calderon for example must have received quite a wake up call.

Update: well, the rumors of Uranium accounts in the Reyes computer seems to be confirming as the Colombian defense ministry is right now digging in some Bogota neighborhood perhaps as much as 30 kilos of low grade Uranium. Low grade perhaps for a nuclear plant, but good enough for a small dirty bomb?

-The end-

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