Thursday, March 06, 2008

Urgent: Chavez announces the end of trade with Colombia

Chavez is doing a cadena with Correa. Well, carried on with emotion Chavez has announced that the 6 billion dollar trade with Colombia is over. That Colombian business in Venezuela will be listed and possibly bought out (taken over?) and that whatever Venezuela has in Colombia will be sold. Even the gasoduct of Guajira might be shut down.

My first comment, for those who have a car, go out and buy as many spare parts as you can as I was told that about 50% of Venezuelan spare parts come from Colombia. Do stock up on underwear too, the lion's share of the market is "ropa intima colombiana"... And let's not talk about food stuff.

Chavez is certifiable........

PS: I wonder, again, if Uribe would be alloted so much TV space to insult Chavez, simultaneously on all the Colombian media, all TV AND radio. I also wonder again if VTV will give 5 minutes to Uribe.

-The end-

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