Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chavez, the bitter man

Venezuela for the first time will have 100 qualified athletes to the Olympic games. Thus of course Chavez tries to get credit for this. Though he should not because all the big sports movement in Venezuela, as the music youth orchestras, were established BEFORE he came to office. The only merit we can give him is that he did not tore them down (yet!).

So, what does he do? Yes, you guessed it, he called for a cadena. This might not be too bad but Chavez been Chavez, it quickly turned out to the nightmare. A group of uniformed athletes were exhibited on one side of the podium like some trophy hunt. A huge specially made expensive board was put on the background. And Chavez spoke for about two hours about anything that embitters him these days, which is a lot. Anger and hate suppurated under his words quite often. Oh yes, he did talk a little bit about sports too, but that was just the excuse for the cadena. Meanwhile the athletes who should be training or resting where taken hostages to Chavez verbiage. I must agree with Rory Carroll, Chavez is losing his political touch.

-The end-

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