Sunday, May 25, 2008

Marulanda dead?


Tirofijo/Shureshot Marulanda would be dead according to Colombian defense ministry. They challenge the FARC to prove them wrong. The new leader would be a certain Cano, an alleged intellectual. Marulanda started as a genuine guerrilla fighter and became a drug trafficker cum kidnapping/extortion racket "businessman". Along the way the FARC went from a political movement to the scum of Colombia, able to deal with the "paracos" when needed. It is in fact difficult to decide which of the two organizations was the worst one since the political aims of the paramilitaries and the FARC might have been on paper different but in practice equally repulsive.

What does this mean for Chavez? Who knows.... One thing is certain anyway, Chavez threw his dice for the FARC with a really bad timing.

What does this mean for Ingrid Betancourt? who knows... it can equally speed up her delivery as well as locking up her in the jungles for eons until the FARC sorts out the Marulanda succession.

What does this mean for Colombia? Any FARC leader that dies or is caught can only be good news. That more of such good news are needed is a reality, but right now let's be happy that the world is rid of yet another mass murderer, thug, villain, piece of scum or any other adjective you might prefer.

Update: Miguel tells us in the comment that the death is confirmed and it is here. For a perspective of what it means, El Tiempo gives a good article here.

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