Friday, June 20, 2008

Chavez needs more enemies: antagonizing all of Europe

We have to give it to Chavez: he always manage to outdo himself. However today for sheer ignorance, inflated ego, arrogant emptiness, bombastic delusion, sheer hypocrisy and plain dumb ass stupidity, Chavez has reached a high that will be difficult to surpass.

It all started with the European Union parliament voting a tougher law about illegal aliens and simplifying procedures to send them back home. I have no idea what that law is all about as I did not even know that the Strasbourg parliament was discussing such an illegal alien law. So maybe the law is a bitch, but one sure thing I know is that the law is designed above all for immigrants form Africa rather than those of Latin America whose integration
within Europe, for cultural reasons, is easier.

But apparently some South American head of states started to scream bloody murder. Noteworthy among then are those form Bolivia, Ecuador and of course today Chavez. Before I continue let me make this very simple observation: how come that those who have been complaining the loudest so far are those who are leading countries where there is a strong emigration movement due to the nature of the regimes they are presiding over? Curious, no? Could it be that they are afraid that Europe would force back home the people that sought betterment and democracy elsewhere. Those people have tasted how does
democracy really functions and will be less docile than the subjects that decided to remain home and put up with with the delusions of the glorious pseudo revolutionaries. But I am starting to digress...

The fact of the matter is that Chavez today decided to speak against the new European law, and prodded on by his sycophantic clapping crowd in front of him could not stop himself. The meeting was a reception of the president elect of Paraguay, Lugo, another client of Chavez. Chavez was exhibiting his latest trophy at a time where he is losing support all around, which probably did not help in smoothing his frail self control. So what did Chavez said?
That the law was awful, fascist, against Human rights [this coming form the guy who brought you the Tascon list, who threw out of jobs thousands and thousands of political opponents, who let the Anderson case simmer and rot, who just had 400 folks barred from their civil rights, and more, much more]

That any European country that decided to apply the law he would stop sending them Venezuelan oil [this form the guy that in spite of the Iraq horror keeps sending the bulk of Venezuelan production to the United States]

That any European country that dared enforce this law against Venezuelan nationals would see its assets in Venezuela expelled from the country [this from the guy who is upset when any other government dares to express a surprise about any of his decisions, never mind the tantrums he puts on if they actually criticize his decisions]
But these outrageous and uncalled for comments revealed even more about Chavez.
He ignores how democracy works.

He has no idea on how the European Union came about, what for and how it works.

He thinks that he actually can blackmail Estonia with Venezuelan oil, a fungible low grade commodity that Europe is ill equipped to deal with for starters.

He thinks that European companies depend much more on Venezuela than what Venezuela depends on them; or does anyone think that Chavez could expel at once Movistar, Banco De Venezuela, Banco Provincial without the financial and communication sectors of the country risking a collapse? Does anyone think that Venezuela could do without the food and pharmaceutical imports it receives from Europe?

He grossly misrepresent the Venezuelan people and he is an embarrassing vulgarity in his lack of respect for what other countries do.

And worse of all, he does not respect Venezuela and its people's fate.
Tonight I am embarrassed for my country as the European will have a field day tomorrow about the howling monkey from Venezuela, who failed to free Ingrid Betancourt, who runs shoddy elections, who is wrecking the productive capacity of his country, who is in bed with the FARC, who dares to talk about things he knows shit about and who is forcing the expatriation of his best and brightest to Europe and the US while his country is everyday running shorter and shorter of talent.

Chavez is certifiable.

-The end-

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