Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cocaine and war

Lest we forget, NYT's Simon Romero describes how in spite the FARC setbacks these last few years, Cocaine production remains even in Colombia. The power of Cocaine money is just too strong.

Indeed, that the FARC is in disarray does not mean that it is over with the FARC. It also means that even if the FARC suddenly decided to negotiate with Uribe a peace settlement, it is far form certain that peace would go back to Colombia: drug money would make sure that there is always enough "irregulars", from the left or the right (who cares!?), that protect coca fields, land mines and all.

As I have often said or written, it is too easy for Western Government to bemoan the nasty colombo-peru-boliviano folks for sending them cocaine. In capitalism there is such a thing as supply and demand and as long as there is a demand for cocaine in the US and Europe (and elsewhere) there will be people willing to supply. As long as Western democracies are not willing to be harsher on the cocaine consumer, in particular at Hollywood and other moneyed places, there will be trade. As long as Western democracies are not willing to punish harshly ALL consumers, it is a lost cause and you might as well let it all go free in the streets, allowing for natural selection to sort out folks.

The ultimate victory against the FARC might be won in the streets of the Bronx and Bel Air.

-The end-

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