Monday, July 14, 2008

File under "truth is stranger than fiction" : Miss Venezuela gets the Miss Universe crown

This is about the little bit of trivia that is totally useless but that somehow will manage to stay with us for a long time.

Dayana Mendoza won for Venezuela its fifth Miss Universe crown. The fifth one for Osmel Sousa by the way, the guy that single handedly did more for plastic surgery world wide than any other person I can think of.

I suppose that for some people this bit of trivia is important, in particular for chavismo who know feels that the score is Uribe 1 : Chavez 1. Because get that, Miss Colombia was the runner up!!!!! Personally I could not care less about the result, having become quite PC about meat market activities and since a former Miss Venezuela, Irene Saez, allowed indirectly for the rise of Hugo Chavez in the late 90ies....

As if already the results in the Vietnam event was not weird enough, in these times of Colombia/Venezuela troubles, get that: Dayana Mendoza has been, in Venezuela, the victim of a kidnapping action!!!! The longer AP note, including pictures of the happy winner for those interested, also tells us that to crown it all Miss USA fell on her face on the catwalk. I mean, what better Sunday for Chavez can we possibly come up with!? I cannot wait for conspiracy theorists to say that Chavez paid for the whole thing. They are wrong, such happy coincidences money cannot buy...

I bet you we get a cadena with mention somewhere of the happy news as yet another success of the bolivarian farce..... Only in Venezuela revolutionary women have to be of course better looking than capitalistic countries.... You might be laughing at that last one but you just wait!

And let's not forget that Ingrid is the daughter of a former Colombian beauty queen. Will the news of the Colombia defeat affect her incessant TV appearances?

-The end-

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