Sunday, July 06, 2008

Now it is the Swiss that are paying the FARC

Lovely! Santos, the Colombian defense minister, has decided to blow away the Swiss from any role in the Colombian mediation. After all, if they are unable to demand RSR to sustain better their grave but stupid accusations, who needs the Swiss?

So Santos revealed in an interview that the 500,000 USD seized in Costa Rica from a FARC "safe" house had been given by a Swiss diplomat, Jean Paul Gontard (French Swiss, interesting, no?; just like RSR). This according to the Reyes computer which also revealed where the money was hidden.

No reaction from the Swiss media at this typing except for a couple of mentions of the Santos declaration. However looking through I did find a Tribune de Genève article that of course highlights their own media "scoop" but also mentions the words of Gontard: But the Swiss intermediary [Gontard] has said himself to our paper (15 minutes after the news of Ingrid and the other 14 hostages' freedom broke out Wednesday) that the happy ending was the result of a strictly military operation. It is to be noted that the Tribune highlights the word military.

This is getting better by the hour. Did Santos knew of Gontard favorable words? Was Gontard bailing out ASAP the news broke? Is Gontard the RSR source?

As a bonus for this El Tiempo edition, a long report with more details on "Operacion Jaque". Sorry, in Spanish.

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