Saturday, July 19, 2008

Readers' survey

Quico had a good idea, to survey his blog readers. Then again he found a real self making survey site, so it is worth trying to do a survey.

However I am not interested in as many details as Quico asked. As I am not a journalist nor do have the intention to ever transform my site in some form of pay per view magazine or something of the sort, the survey that I will propose will be simpler than the one Quico offered. No questions about other sites or trends or whatever, only who are you, what do you like about this blog and what would you like to see. This is after all only a blog that had the good fortune to find a steady readership.

Even though SurveyMonkey asks only for 20 bucks, with only 400 dollars allowed by CADIVI on my Internet purchases, you will forgive me if I prefer to use that money for magazine subscription or professional needs... Thus this represents some restraints as how useful that survey will be. And no, I am not hinting at any one giving me the money, with 100 replies we will get a good idea already. After all some political pollsters in Venezuela do not seem to use much more than a 100 people........

1) I will publish some statistics at the end, but they will be limited as I can only get 100 responses per survey. Reply early.

2) It is also the reason why I post the survey on Saturday, the slowest day of the week and in my experience the day where readers are the most likely to be the regular ones.

3) Unfortunately I had to split the survey in two as a maximum of only ten questions are allowed per survey. But that might be good as readers can reply to only one survey or both of them, according to their interest.

The first survey is about who you are and why do you read VN&V. Click Here to take this survey

The second survey is about what you like in VN&V and what else would you like to see in it. Click Here to take that survey

Make sure you click the DONE button at the end of each survey if you want your vote to be counted.

Enjoy and take this opportunity to have your say.

Note: I have set controls at one survey reply per computer. In case you have more than one reader per household, well, too bad, you will need to find another computer. Sorry!

-The end-

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