Monday, October 27, 2008

The BOB awards

The German Deutsche Welle has its Internet awards. Although we could argue about their selection method (the Spanish section is dominated by Argentina again, 1 Chile, 1 Cuba and the rest from Spain) there is at least two things that are of interest for readers of this page. In the categories of Best Blog, Spanish blogs and RSF blogs you have Generacion Y of Yoani Sanchez, dissident Cuban who was interviewed by no one else but Alek Boyd in a trip he made to Cuba. I certainly urge you to cast your vote for her in the three categories. But there is also a surprise: there is a blog about Venezuela by regular reader Alpha! Free Opinion Venezuela. Why the only blog about Venezuela would be in dutch remains a mystery but there it is and the least you can do is to vote for him (unless you read Dutch and you can convince yourself that there are better blogs in Dutch than his). Note to Alpha: you got the nomination but if you do not write more often it is useless. So go and hit the key board at least during the voting period.

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