Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fin de regne symptoms for Venezuela

I know, I know, I tend to abuse this line in titles. But what can I tell you, everyday that passes we are getting more into that mood of a world ending. The irony here is that as the leftist idol of first decade of this century is irremediably declining, a more true Liberal idol, of the good kind, is about to start his own decade up North.

Where should I start? By Diosdado Cabello, whose incompetent 4 year sting at the helm of Miranda state has been so negative that he sees no way to stop the rise in polls of Capriles Radonski but by reopening a dismissed trial about him. Only in a country where the judicial power has lost absolutely all independence can you see such a judicial abuse.

Should I continue by yet another nationwide power outage that killed for most of us our Sunday rest? Yes, on a day of low electric needs (it was even a cool day so there was not even much of an AC demand) the system once again collapsed and left me in Caracas for more than 2 hours out of juice. But the sad part here is that a few days ago Chavez imposed on us yet another cadena. There he was witnessing the inauguration of some electrical facility in the Tuy valley. For people who have a few neurones it was clear that the size of the facility was unable to solve much in the pressing electrical problems of Venezuela. But still, that was not the point: the point was that Chavez wanted us to believe that a young woman, of her own admission trained in Cuba in electrical power management, was able to direct the facility from a simple lap top casually tossed on some table, not even a proper desk. Electrical plants are now run from cheap lap tops instead of dedicated boards in safe/security rooms?

What is this sudden urge, by the way, to do everything Cuban? Can Cuba, an island with only a few millions people with so many pressing needs, supply Venezuela's 28 million people pressing needs? That Barrio Adentro 1 is now an obvious semi failure is not escaping the good people of Venezuela. In such "cubanization" of cadenas we also see one of these sure signs of profound decay: look for unlikely messiah to come and save the day.

Should I move on the two UNT activists who were arrested at a PSUV rally because they were taking pictures and wearing red shirts to blend in? Chavez even mentioned his courage and temple as these two dangerous terrorists were caught. Of course they were terrorist as they were taking pictures of the empty areas that VTV is careful never to show in Chavez rallies, a true terrifying sight for the beleivers! Never mind that the state police and state helicopters are used at tax payer expenses to film any opposition rally... This item is so scandalous by the way that it elicited a very strong editorial of Teodoro. And yet no response from the authorities against Teodoro: in yet another sure sign that chavismo is smelling the end, they do not bother anymore to argue with Teodoro, knowing full well that they will be the worse off. Not to mention that the full force of the state is used against two kids does not show at all security and confidence in the said state but yet are not used against Teodoro. Abuse of the weak is yet another sign of end of times.

And since it is getting late, should I finish about the spectacular corruption trial in Miami? The amount of details revealed is simply astounding. The tentacles of corruption have reached so deep in the Venezuelan government that one is dumbfounded at the means and ways billions have been stolen from future generations of Venezuelans. And yet the Chavez administration remains basically silent as if nothing is happening; they pretend that it is only a ploy of the US to slander Chavez. That is yet another sure sign of how bereft of arguments chavismo is. The strategy cannot fly anyway because many of the accusations confirmed these days in Miami were already done 2-3 years ago without any action taken against the perpetrators. The most famous case, Nobrega, ex finance of minister directly indicated as having taken at least 20 million USD while in office has been languishing for 1 year in court. Meanwhile chavismo is busy trying to restart the failed trial against Capriles. But in the sad lot the most pathetic bunch are some leftists that are trying to explain to us that a little bit of corruption might be a necessary evil to allow the Chavez experiment to succeed in the end. When these people reach such lows of debasement, then you know the end is near.

I do not know what is coming next, a democracy or at last a fascist Chavez tyranny. But one thing is certain, the world he created will not last long, and even less at a 60 USD a barrel.

-The end-

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