Monday, November 24, 2008

"Dulce de lechosa" moment

I was about to go to bed neither happy nor sad when I decided to surf a little bit. Well, I also got phone calls so we did scan together. When I saw the bitter declarations of Isturiz as to his defeat in Caracas I knew that the opposition victory was better than I thought at first. McCain concession it was not. And then the silly words of Muller Rojas gave me the full measure of what chavismo had lost. Well, they are not democrats at all so any loss is one too many for them. But such bitterness? Such a a lack of grace? Having nothing else to say but that the only reason the opposition wanted to win Sucre and Miranda was to conspire? Gimme a break! Grow up! Fess up to your shitty administration! If giving away thousands of washers and fridges did not buy the election, then there must be a powerful reason behind it, and not a conspiracy! Jerks!

OK, now I go to bed with a smile.

-The end-

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