Friday, November 07, 2008

Once again Chavez is trashed at the universities: the UCV student vote.

Today the student body of the UCV, the largest university of Venezuela, held their elections for the FCU, their student assembly. The Venezuelan opposition went divided in two "planchas" or lists. Chavista students had only one list. Well, believe it or not, EACH opposition list will have between 2 and 3 times the number of votes of the chavista student list alone.

Now, after 10 years of revolution, after ten years of trying to take over the UCV, after ten years of trying to convince students to join the revolution the result cannot be any clearer: the student body of the largest public university of Venezuela rejects chavismo and Chavez ideas overwhelmingly. The future intellectual, technical, professional, scientific elite of Venezuela who came of age under Chavez, who in their adult and teenager lives have known nothing but Chavez are rejecting his fossil ideology. Justly they consider, as all students do with long sitting governments, that it is at the very least an ideological oppressor. Chavismo, by the way, does not even dare to run elections in the ad hoc universities it created (e.g. UBV). The excuse is that their brand of internal democracy is so advanced that it does not require elections or vote. Yeah, right.......

As it has always being the case: in places where people think, where people are encouraged to think, authoritarian garbage such as what Chavez offers does not fly.

-The end-

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