Monday, November 17, 2008


Things to think about while you travel.

How can a president have even self respect for his position, and even himself, when in a particularly violent and vulgar speech he says that he has the jail cell for Rosales ready? Does he not guess how ridiculous he looks? Except maybe for a few drunkards... It is in these little slips of the tongue that true inner fascist of Chavez appears. And also how isolated he is, how nobody dares to tell him that some lines are better left uncrossed. I pity him.

As my plane circles in front of Maiquetia I notice a huge contamination spot. It trails over several miles, by bursts of a brownish substance. One of those famed clean ups of internal tanks from oil tankers and the like? Not even ten miles from the shore. Where is the Venezuelan coast Guard? Will the lousy submarines we bought to the Russians be used to protect our shores? How come nobody comments that the administration of Hugo Chavez is becoming an ecological disaster for Venezuela?

Still no economic plans to protect Venezuela from the crisis. The only thing Chavez finds to say is to mock the G20 summit. Lula is now the acknowledged leader of Latin America. Not Chavez.

Chavez promises a nuclear reactor to Zulia.

Chavez offers a joint university with Iran to encourage the studies on XXI century socialism. I wonder what the Ayatollahs think of that one....

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Obama receives McCain and pledges some bipartisan approach to solve the crisis. For the life of me I cannot conceive anymore of Chavez receiving any opposition leader ever. Not even a dissident chavista that will be excoriated worse than an opposition politician.

How crazy is Chavez? What pills does he take that create such a hateful grimace in his recent speeches.

-The end-

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