Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The abuses uncovered in Caracas Metro Mayor

Simon Boccanegra of Tal Cual gives us a quick summary of the latest in Venezuelan corruption. Worth translating below, for you to read once again that this Chavez administration is the most corrupt of all of our history. And a rich one at that in matters of corruption.


The audit that is being conducted in the metropolitan mayor office, now that it changed hands, is yielding some really stunning results. So far it was discovered that about four thousand people linked to armed groups "colectivos" of the 23 Enero area and other, went through the payroll office of town hall on the 15 and last day of the month to receive the stipend paid for their revolutionary devotion. This mini chronicler, in his unquenchable naivete, thought they were revolutionary individuals, misled and slightly passé, but genuine. It so happens that they were only a bunch of leeches, who cannot receive any other name but mercenaries. Well, they are paid. We had noted the dismissal of the second in command at the DISIP, general Zarraga Gutierrez, was due to a report that prepared, in which it referred to the links between Diosdado Cabello and some of these "colectivos". That is, one could infer that some were on the payroll of Juan Barreto and others on the governor of Miranda. No wonder these dedicated compatriots of the "Esquina Caliente" [Hot Corner of the Bolivar Square] requested for a meeting with Ledezma requested a meeting to find out the fate of their meal-tickets. Anyway, the "revolution", whose quotes are growing with each surprising finding of this nature, which already owes us an explanation of the deals Singing Children of Miami [the famous maletagate], now offers us yet another demonstration of their patriotic detachment with the revelations of the German company Siemens. This one confesses to have paid about 18 little million of dollars to unidentified government's "revolutionary" guys for favors received. Of course, His Majesty [Hugo 1] will not delay in accusing the Empire of this new slander against the integrity of his partners, as he did in the case of the suitcase of Antonini. But nothing can be done, the rotten smell is now unbearable.

-The end-

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